Benefits of cable concealment for a wall mounted TV

TV installed on the wall with in wall wire concealment

Benefits of cable concealment for a wall mounted TV

What is cable concealment?

Installing a TV on the wall is a great way to save space and make your TV look even more sleek. The TV installation poses a problem though, what to do with those pesky cables? Your TV is now up on the wall but all of the cables are stuck dangling down to connect into power, cable boxes, game consoles, etc… The hanging cables create a messy look that takes away from the clean and sleek TV installation. 

See an example below of a TV without cable concealment

A tv mounted on the wall with the wires dangling down
Wall mounted TV with no cable concealment - You can see the loose wires

Versus a TV with cable concealment

TV installed on the wall with all wires hidden behind the drywall
A TV mounted on the wall with all wires concealed behind the wall

Cable concealment is the process of hiding these cables. There are 2 main types of cable concealment options and many factors go into choosing which one is the best for you. Some factors include: 

  • What type of wall you have
  • How far the TV is located from power or connecting devices
  • How many cables you need concealed
  • Budget for the project
  • Do you own or are you renting

On wall cable concealment

To complete on wall cable concealing a small moulding tube is attached to the outside of your wall. The moulding tube is small in size and white to blend in with most walls, it is also easy to paint if you would like to paint it after installation. 

After the moulding tube is attached to the wall then all cables are run through the moulding tube to hide them from view. A nice thing about the on wall moulding also is that it is easy to run extra wires through the channel after installation.

On wall cable concealment is the most versatile option when it comes to concealing your TV power and A/V cables. This type of cable concealment can be completed on almost any wall type, it is also great for renters since there are no large holes involved with this concealment process. 

Benefits of on wall cable concealment:

  • Can be installed on almost every wall type imaginable.
  • Can be painted after installation to blend in with the wall colour. 
  • A more inexpensive option compared to in wall wire concealment for your TV cables.
  • Less damaging than in wall wire concealment.
  • Typically better for renters (landlord friendly).

Downsides of on wall cable concealment:

  • Greatly helps clean up loose wires but is still visible on the wall. 
  • Can damage wall/ paint if you need to remove the moulding from the wall. 
  • The more cables you need run require a larger moulding strip to be installed on the wall.
TV installed on the wall with on wall cable concealment
Example of on wall cable concealment. See moulding tube that is hiding the wires.

In wall cable concealment

In wall cable concealment provides a clean and sleek finish to any TV installation. In wall cable concealment is a great option to hide wiring but it cannot be completed in every wall type. In wall cable concealment can be completed in drywall but not solid wall types like concrete or brick. Since these wall types are solid no cables would be able to pass behind them. 

In wall concealment hides all of your TV wires within your wall. To complete this a hole is made behind where the TV will be installed and another hole close to the baseboard (at a uniform height with all other outlets). All wires are run between these two holes and finished with a brush plate for a clean finish. This allows your TV to hang on the wall without anything hanging or dangling from behind it. 

Example of in wall wiring for cable concealment with a TV mount on the wall
Example picture of in wall wiring. Here the TV is removed to show how the in wall wiring works.

Benefits of in wall cable concealment:

  • Nothing is left visible to the eye leaving the cleanest look.
  • Once in wall is started many cables can be run, on wall is limited to the size of the moulding tube where in wall can hold many wires. 
  • Removes the hazard of small children or animals damaging wiring/ TV.

Downsides of in wall cable concealment:

  • Large holes will be created during this installation process, this is sometimes best avoided when renting. It is always best to check first with a landlord if renting. 
  • Difficult to run extra wires once the installation is complete and TV is on the wall. 
  • Cannot be completed in every wall type. 

Can’t decide which option works best for you?

If you can’t decide which options will work best for you, your space and your cabling needs then please contact us! We are experts at cable concealment and would be very happy to help you determine which option is right for you. We consider the different factors and let you know which option we feel will work best for you. After careful consideration we can make our recommendation or bring the materials on site during the TV installation to show you the different options available. We service the entire Niagara, Hamilton and Burlington regions, we would be more than happy to help your next cable concealment project!

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