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Menu board for a restaurant installed by Display Your Way

Menu Board & Video Wall Installation Niagara

If you need video wall or menu board installation services completed in the Niagara region, Hamilton or Burlington we can help!

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Rack installation and network cabling

Network Cabling in Finished Homes Through The Walls & Attic

If you need network cables run through your home behind your walls and through your attic we are happy to help! Offering services in the Niagara region, Hamilton and Burlington.

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residential wi-fi network speed test on phone

Wi-fi Boosting Niagara, Hamilton & Burlington

If you have slow wi-fi in Hamilton, Burlington or the Niagara region we can help! We are experts at boosting wi-fi signals with reliable solutions.

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Network rack with ethernet cabling

Niagara, Hamilton & Burlington Network Cabling

We provide residential ethernet network cabling services in Hamilton, Burlington and the Niagara region. Contact us today for a free quote on your project!

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Person looking on Google for a TV installer

How To Find a TV Installer In Your Area

Do research on the local companies/technicians in your area. Reach out to the company to see if they are a good fit for your project. Make sure the company provides insurance and warranties. Schedule a day for the installation.

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Apartment building example for TV installation

Apartment Building TV Installation Tips

We go over some crucial tips when it comes to installing a TV into an apartments walls. The majority of apartments do not have wooden studs like most houses and require a different process when completing the installation.

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Soundbar installed with no dangling wires

The Benefits of a Soundbar

In this post we go over the benefits of a soundbar system and if this is the right solution for you and your space. More often than not a soundbar is a superior choice over the default TV speakers.

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A TV installed into metal studs in an apartment building

How To Install A TV Into Metal Studs

In this post we go over the process required to install a TV in metal studs

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TV installed on the wall with in wall wire concealment

Benefits of cable concealment for a wall mounted TV

In this post we discuss the different benefits of cable concealment for a TV installation project. Almost always cable concealment is the best choice for a clean installation.

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Man wondering what to do with empty TV box

What to do with your empty TV box

Instead of throwing the empty TV box out we recommend keeping it for a brief period of time. We go over the reasons why in this article.

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Beautiful TV installation above a fireplace

Benefits of mounting a TV on the wall

There are many reasons and benefits to mount a TV on the wall instead of using the provided TV stand. In this article we discuss the different benefits.

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Qualified TV technician installing a wall mount

Different TV mount types and their benefits

We discuss and go over the various popular TV wall mounting brackets. Many factors should be considered when deciding which mount works best for your project.

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