Benefits of mounting a TV on the wall

Elegant TV installation above a fireplace on tile

Benefits of wall mounting a TV

There are many benefits to mounting a TV on the wall, it is our professional opinion that a TV on the wall looks much better than using the provided stand. TVs have become very thin which allows them to be installed on the wall instead of set-up on a stand. In the past a TV required its own dedicated space or cabinet in a room, this is no longer the case! You can now get rid of the large cabinet, table or entertainment stand taking up so much space. 

If you have a few devices you would like to connect to the TV it is recommended that you keep an entertainment stand. It is best to keep the entertainment stand for accessory devices but you can get a much smaller one since it does not need to support a TV.

Space saving

One of the number one reasons to install a TV on the wall is to save space! Not only does it remove the TV from a stand, cabinet, or other piece of furniture but the TV is no longer in the way in the floor space. You can re-use the space where the TV went for other items or just open the room up more! 

Great space saving for apartments/ condos option for condos

Apartments and condos are an ideal space to get a TV mounted on the wall. More often than not apartments and condos are smaller in comparison to townhomes/ detached homes. This makes each square foot of floor space so valuable! In some cases there would be no room for a TV in some apartments and condos except for on the wall. One thing to be aware of is most apartments and condos do not have traditional wooden studs. Most apartments and condos use metal studs instead of wooden studs, these can still be used to hold a TV securely but require a different installation process. If your apartment or condo does not have wooden or metal studs then it is most likely concrete or masonry. Like metal studs you can install a TV into this wall type but it requires a much different process.

Sleek looking

This benefit is subject to personal opinion but a TV on the wall looks much nicer and cleaner than on a stand or table. When a TV is hanging from the wall with no cables hanging it is almost like magic watching shows and movies on it! A TV installed on the wall with either on wall or in wall cable concealment leaves a clean and elegant look to the TV. 

The last thing you want after spending money on a new TV is to see it sitting on a stand with a ton of messy cables all over the place. This takes away from how sleek the new TV really is. 

TV installed on the wall above a soundbar and fireplace.
TV installed with in wall wire concealment for cleanest finish


If a TV is installed on the wall properly with all cables hidden it leaves the space cleaner. We find when a TV is on a stand with messy cables it collects lots of dust behind that goes unnoticed. If you can remove the TV, stand and messy cables you also remove somewhere for dust to hide. 

Achieve the ideal viewing angle

It is so hard to find a cabinet, table or stand that puts your TV at the perfect height! A lot of the time this is not considered or thought about when setting up a TV on its stand. 

When installed on the wall, the ideal viewing height and angle for the TV can be achieved. The following should be considered when choosing the TV height and placement: 

  • Size of the room
  • Size of the TV
  • How low the seating area is
  • How tall the viewers will be

An ideal viewing angle allows for a much better viewing experience! You do not want to have to strain your neck to watch the TV, this will make for uncomfortable movie nights. 

Our TV installation experts can help you determine the ideal viewing angle for your space and requirements. 

Some mounts allow for multiple viewing angles

Installing your TV on the wall has many benefits but it also allows you to position your TV at different angles. If you want to view your TV from different angles then it is best to use a full motion mount! This way you can swivel your TV left and right to view from different angles or rooms. A good example would be in some open concept homes you can install a TV on the wall in the living room and swivel it to be viewed from the dining room or kitchen. 

If you were to put your TV on the provided stand then you would not have the ability to view it nicely from different angles or rooms. 

TV installed on the wall with a full motion mount
Example of a full motion TV wall mount

Looking for a professional to complete your installation?

If you are looking for a professional company to complete your TV wall installation look no further! We are the TV installation experts and take pride in our installs. We make sure the placement of your TV is perfect for the best viewing experience. During the installation process we use painters tape to draw the TV on the wall so you can get an understanding of the location before we go forward with the installation. This way we can work with you to come up with the best placement for your TV. Let us help save you space on your next TV installation! 

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