Different TV mount types and their benefits

Qualified TV technician installing a wall mount

What are the most popular mount types?

There are many different types of TV wall mounts on the market but a few of them are more popular than the rest. In our experience, we find the two most popular types are Tilting and Full motion mounts. 

Tilting mount

A tilting mount is our go to choice for many installations. Tilting TV wall mounts provide a small gap between the TV and the wall for a clean look. They can be slightly adjusted for the perfect viewing angle. Often, TVs are installed slightly above eye level from the viewing position, and tilting mounts allow for a downward tilt for a great viewing experience. 

TV installed on a tilting tv wall mount
TV installed on a tilting mount

Full motion mount

Full motion mounts allow for a large range of movement for the TV. They allow the TV to be pulled away from the wall and swivelled left and right, making them ideal for installations where the viewing position changes. We often recommend this mount type for clients with open concept rooms and houses, which provides the flexibility to be viewed from many angles and spaces. An example use case is a full motion install in a living room, which can be swivelled so that the TV can be viewed from the kitchen while cooking. 

Full motion TV mount installed into a wall and levelled out
Example of a full motion mount installed

What other mount types are on the market?

Fixed TV mount

Similar to tilting mounts, fixed mounts are very slim to the wall. In most cases they provide the smallest  possible gap between the wall and TV. While otherwise similar to tilting mounts, fixed mounts have no range of movement whatsoever, with the TV always at a 90° angle to the wall. If you plan on putting the TV higher than eye level we do not recommend this mount type.


Ceiling TV mounts

In some cases, there isn’t a wall positioned for the best TV viewing angle with other mount types. There are several situations where a ceiling TV mount might be required: 

  • The desired TV position is over a window 
  • The wall behind is being used for other items, like a whiteboard or art
  • Large rooms with walls very far away from the viewing area

These mounts and installations are typically more costly than a standard wall mount.

A man thinking about which TV mount to buy

How to decide which mount to use

Many factors should be considered when choosing which type of mount to use for your TV installation project. It’s best to choose the right mount the first time, since re-installation with a different mount can cause added expense, time, and damage to your walls. Some key things to consider are the following: 

  • TV size
  • How large the room is
  • Will the TV be viewed from multiple angles? 
  • Could the space be described as open concept?
  • How high will your TV be installed?
  • How far away will the TV be from the viewing position?

Having a hard time deciding which works best?

Let us help! We’re experts in TV installation and can help find the mount type that will best fit your needs and space. Feel free to give us a call or message us to chat with an expert! 

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