How Big Of A TV Will Fit In My Room?

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How Big Of A TV Will Fit In My Room?

How big is too big?

Is there such a thing as too big of a TV? Of course there is! Just because you have the wall space for the TV does not mean it will feel comfortable to watch. 

You want to make sure when getting a TV that it first off can fit the space you want to put it in. Some factors to consider are: 

  • Is there a fireplace below where the TV will be mounted? 
  • Will you be putting a media cabinet or other table/dresser underneath the TV? 
  • Are there any light switches or thermostats on the wall that will be in the way of the TV?

Once these items are considered measure the remaining space and see if your TV will fit. 

How much space should be left? 

You want to make sure that the TV does not take up the ENTIRE wall! We have seen many times someone purchase a TV that just barely fits the entire space of the wall. While yes technically this fits, it can look a little off and overwhelming in the room.

You want to ensure that the TV has healthy borders of walls around it to look nice in the room without taking the entire room over. 

What other factors should you consider?

Some main factors to consider for your TV size is also how large your room is and how close you will be sitting to the TV. If you have a large wall but a small room then a super sized TV will not work nicely. Sitting too close to a very large TV can cause eye strain, headaches and potentially migraines for some users. 

A rule of thumb to go by is, the farther away you will be sitting from the TV, the more comfortable a larger TV will feel. If you are sitting very far back from the TV (15ft+), then you might want to stick with a larger sized TV on the wall.

Some other factors to consider is also the type of room the TV is being mounted in. If you are planning on putting a TV on the wall in a kitchen or dining room then we would recommend sticking to a smaller sized TV. For rooms like a living room, rec room etc… a larger TV will feel more natural in these rooms.

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