How High Should I Mount My TV On The Wall?

Using painters tape to safely map a TV on the wall without damaging the walls

Mounting a TV Has Its Advantages

A TV mounted on the wall is a great solution to free up space in your home while also achieving a sleek and clean look. As TV’s are getting thinner and thinner, more people are taking advantage of mounting their TV to the wall. While mounting your TV on the wall is a great solution it is always best to first plan out the location and height of your TV. If the TV is too high or low it could cause discomfort while watching.

A Samsung Frame professional installed on the wall.
Samsung Frame TV installed at height based on room size.

General Recommendations

When mounting a TV to a wall you want to ensure that the TV is not too low to the ground and also not too high either. We always warn our customers that a TV mounted too high on the wall can give the watchers neck pain if watching for extended periods. You want to put the TV at a height that feels comfortable and natural when sitting from your couch, chair, bed etc…. 

Some general recommendations for TV height is putting the center of the TV at 65 inches from the floor or 165 centimeters from the floor. This should provide a height that works for most spaces. We find this general solution works best for moderately sized TV’s. Any TV between the range of 50 inches to 65 inches will fit this height recommendation. For smaller TV’s you would want to go a bit higher (70-75 inches from the floor) and for larger TV’s you would want to go a bit lower to the floor (60 inches from the floor).

This might not be the best solution for your space however, each space is unique and requires height adjustment accordingly. The tighter your seating is to the TV, the lower we recommend the TV should go. The larger your room is and farther back your seating is from the TV, the higher we recommend the TV should go. It is always best to confirm with a professional.

The Best Way

We recommend using painters tape to map your TV on the wall first and sit down in your normal seating location. This will give you an idea how the TV will look before it is even on the wall. This allows you to easily see if the TV height is too high or too low. From here adjust the height accordingly with the tape until you are satisfied with the results. Once happy with the results and location, then go forward with the installation of the TV.

A professional installing a TV on the wall.
Using painters tape to map out the TV on the wall.

If you need help working with the different wall types or studs you may have please check our blog for other TV installation tips:


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