How To Find a TV Installer In Your Area

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How To Find a TV Installer In Your Area

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There are many benefits of getting your TV installed by a reputable TV installer. Most reputable TV installers will have lots of knowledge about different wall types and the wide range of TV wall mounts. A reputable TV installation company should also have insurance and provide warranties on their work, this gives you an idea of how confident they are in their work.

Mounting a TV can be challenging especially when you are working with different wall types, such as plaster, walls with metal studs, concrete walls etc… This is why it is best to contact a professional who understands the wall type and can ensure the installation will be completed with no damage to your walls or property.

There are many different ways to find a TV installer near you to complete the installation. It is best to do some research to find the best TV installer for your project. 

How to find a reputable TV installer?

If your friends or family have had their TV’s professionally installed it is good to first ask them who did this work. If your family and friends trust the TV technician then usually so can you. 

Another way to find a TV installer in your area is to use search engines such as Google or Yelp. 

There are also services like Homestars and Bark, these services pool local professionals and technicians in one space so you can find one that fits your project's requirements. 

Contact the professional

Once you have found the TV installer, reach out to them and chat about your project details. During this call make sure to discuss all aspects of your project and how you expect the end result. The more information you can provide to the TV installer the easier it will be for them to complete the project with no issues. 

What if the company is not insured or provides warranties? 

This is a red flag for a company of any kind, especially one that will be working in your home and with your property! Companies who do not provide insurance or warranties usually offer deals such as discounts or cash deals. These discounts can be appealing but are never worth taking a risk on your property. 

If something were to happen on site causing damage to your home, property or even health these technicians and companies do not have the proper insurance to ensure you are reimbursed. 

We recommend always asking a company if they have insurance for the project, if they do not then continue looking for a company who will provide this. 

Deciding on the company for you

Once you have done your research, reached out to companies and confirmed they have insurance now it is time to finalize the details. 

If you like the company and their offering then confirm the final details necessary with them. Book a date with the company to come by and have your TV professionally installed! 

Make sure before the company comes the work area is clear. This ensures that they can get right to work when they arrive on site. 

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In summary

  • Do research on the local companies/technicians in your area.
  • Reach out to the company to see if they are a good fit for your project.
  • Make sure the company provides insurance and warranties.
  • Schedule a day for the installation.

Live in Ontario, Canada? 

Display Your Way is based in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada and provides professional TV installation services on all wall types. 

We offer insurance from the moment we step on site, a full one year no fall warranty and a placement discussion on site to ensure the perfect placement. 

We are local technicians who understand the homes and buildings in the area and their construction. This allows us to provide proper mounting techniques in all wall types.

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