The Benefits of a Soundbar

Soundbar installed with no dangling wires

Why choose a soundbar?

Everyday TV’s are getting thinner while also providing sharper images than ever before! Most TV’s are now in 4K and with the new high end models supporting up to 8K resolutions. These advancements in the TV industry are fantastic, but usually the TV speakers get left on the side lines. As TV’s get thinner the space left over for speakers is very small. Often you have small speakers similar to what you would find on a tablet or laptop. This can be disappointing when you have a brand new large screen TV with an amazing picture but lackluster speaker quality. 

Years ago,  the TV manufacturers were able to fit larger speakers into the devices which made for a better and more fuller sound. A soundbar is a great piece of technology to help fix this problem! Soundbars are a simple and elegant solution that  produce a louder and clearer sound better than your TV ever could! 

Benefits of a soundbar

A soundbar will provide fuller more theater-like sound at home without spending a fortune on a full home theater entertainment system. The soundbar will be louder, provide better quality sound and some also support surround sound capabilities. Any soundbar upgrade will make your home theater system sound superior! 

A soundbar can be a tasteful solution versus a bulky and cluttered home theater sound system. Since the soundbar is a single device that can be connected to the TV with one HDMI cord the amount of cables is greatly reduced. A normal sound system has a multitude of wires that need to be dealt with or hidden in some sort of way. 

Display Your Way Cable Concealment

Most soundbars today work over a HDMI Arc, this allows for better ease of use. With the HDMI Arc capabilities you can control the soundbar and TV all with one remote. With the use of HDMI Arc and a soundbar you do not need to worry about juggling various remotes just to use your TV and sound system, with the HDMI Arc you only have to worry about one remote for your whole TV setup. 

Soundbar installation

Soundbars work in almost all room sizes and TV setups, even if you are looking to get the TV mounted on the wall. Most soundbars can either be mounted on the wall or hung directly from the TV for a sophisticated look. However, some older soundbars don’t have the HDMI Arc capabilities. If you have one without HDMI Arc you will need to plug it directly into your TV using the optical cable provided. If your TV does not support a HDMI Arc then you will also need to use the optical cable provided to complete the installation. The optical cable allows for the soundbar to play sound but does not allow for the use of only one remote. You will also need to use the soundbar remote to control the volume if plugged in with an optical cable.

Example of a soundbar installed with a TV
Soundbar installed professionally by Display Your Way

How to choose the right soundbar? 

A number of factors should be considered when deciding whether a soundbar is right for you. A large determining factor is how much you would like to invest into your overall home theater project. Make sure not to stretch your budget too far, an upgrade for a soundbar could always be made later down the line or on a great sale! After your budget is considered you should think about other factors like how often you will use your home theater, what you use it for etc…. If you plan on using the home theater often to watch those awesome blockbuster movies it might be best to buy a mid to high range soundbar. If you only want to use it every now and then for TV shows or music then a low to mid range soundbar might be best. 

Another factor to consider is if you are renting or not, if you rent in an apartment building and get an awesome soundbar system you might not be able to use it to its full potential. Since you could have neighbours and noise restrictions this could limit the system that would work best in your space.

In short some factors to consider: 

  • Budget
  • How the system will be used
  • How often is will be used
  • If you are renting
  • Do you have neighbours close by

Need Help Deciding or Installing Your System?

We also offer support on how to pick the right soundbar for your dream home theater setup! Please always feel free to reach out or contact us, we are always happy to help!

If you need to install your system please contact us! We have friendly technicians waiting to help get your system set up perfectly. Whether you need some assistance getting the system to work with your TV/ cable system or would like help mounting the system we are always available! Our experts are well versed in the different types and brands of soundbars, this allows us to have your system installed flawlessly.

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