What Does TV VESA Mean? 

Back of a Samsung Frame before installation

What Does TV VESA Mean? 

TV Mounting Standard 

When mounting a TV you might notice there is a weird word that keeps popping up over and over. That is the VESA standard for TV mounting. What is a VESA and why should you be concerned about it? 

VESA is the mounting standard for the screw holes on the back of all TV’s. By keeping this standardized it's easy for almost all mounts to be compatible with your TV as long as it fits within the VESA. All TV manufacturers use this standard to ensure that TV mount manufacturers can make mounts that will fit almost all TV’s. If there was not a VESA mounting standard it would be very difficult to find a mount that worked for your specific TV.

What does VESA even mean? 

VESA is an acronym for Video Electronics Standards Association, in other words its just the standard for electronics so devices are compatible even across brands. We need this to ensure there is a systemized installation process regardless of TV size and brand. 

The VESA measurement or distance is calculated in millimeters (metric not imperial).

If you see a VESA of 400x400 for instance this means the mounting holes are spaced 400 millimeters by 400 millimeters apart. A VESA of 300 x 200 would mean 300 millimeters by 200 millimeters. When looking for a TV mount you need to make sure the VESA on the TV mount is compatible with the VESA on your TV.

If you normally work in inches (imperial) we recommend using millimeters or centimeters for the TV install (metric). All TV mounting standards are in metric measurement so we recommend using this system to avoid confusion or mistakes during the installation process.

How to find the VESA for your TV?

If you just bought your TV then there is a good chance the VESA for the TV is printed on the box or in the documentation somewhere. If you cannot find it there then we recommend finding the TV model number and looking it up online to find the VESA. 

If all else fails and neither of those options work then you can always use a measuring tape to measure the distance between the screw holes on the back of the TV.

Want help from the professionals? 

If you are having trouble finding the VESA on your TV and want professional help getting it installed please give us a call! We are always happy to help.

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