What to do with your empty TV box

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What to do with the TV box after installation?


First thing is when taking the new TV out of the box, do your best to ensure the box is kept intact. This is a very important step that should be taken seriously. 

The day has come, after lots of looking for the perfect TV, you have decided to purchase your new TV! You bring it home or have it delivered and it arrives in a very large box. You quickly tear it apart and set your TV up or have it professionally installed. You are in love with your new TV and want to start using it right away. There is one issue though, what do you do with that large box taking up a ton of space? 

What to do with the box now?

We strongly recommend that you keep your new TV box no matter which brand you buy from or how you have it installed. If you have your TV installed on the wall or set-up on its stand you should still keep the TV box. We recommend keeping this box in case something goes wrong with the TV or you change your mind after using it for a brief period of time.

From time to time issues arise with new TVs and this is bound to happen. Issues with a TV typically happen within the first 3-4 weeks, during this period is when most factory defects can be noticed. 

If you notice an issue with the TV it is best to immediately contact the manufacturer or seller of the TV to remedy the situation. More often then not you will need to bring the TV in to receive credit or a replacement. Not only does the old TV box come in handy for transport but a lot of companies make the exchange/ return process easier if you still have the box. 

We recommend you keep the box in your garage, basement, shed or somewhere else out of the way. Hold on to it for a minimum of 4 weeks just to make sure if something is wrong with the TV, you are covered. 

Returning the TV

If there is a problem with the TV and you will need to return it you will almost always need the box. Big box stores will give you a hard time or out right not accept the return if you do not have the box it came in. You will need the box and any other items that came in the box (TV feet, manuals, instructions etc...). If you keep the box and all other accessories it will make the return process much easier.

What is a factory defect?

Example of a cracked TV screen
Example of a cracked screen

A factory defect can happen in many different ways, please see some common related factory defects below: 

  • Dead TV pixels
  • Distorted audio
  • One of more speakers not working 
  • Software issues 
  • Remote not working

These and others happen from time to time with new TVs. This can happen from shipping, factory defects etc… This is why we recommend it is best to keep your TV box. Make sure not to throw it away right away!

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