Why is my Internet Still Slow After I Bought a Mesh System?

Network switch to provide internet connection

Why is my Internet Still Slow After I Bought a Mesh System?

What is a Wi-Fi Mesh System?

A mesh wi-fi system can either be a single mesh device or multiple all working together to create one large wi-fi network. This is very beneficial for most home owners and consumers because a single modem/router is not sufficient to cover an entire home. 

How do they work?

These mesh systems use wi-fi to ping off each other and your modem/router. This creates a mesh of devices talking back and forth between each other to provide wi-fi to areas you might not have previously had any. By creating this mesh network your devices will always connect to whichever is providing the strongest connection to that part of your house. The mesh network is smart enough to work with your existing network so once set up you do not need to think about it.

An example

An example of how a mesh system works:

Lets first imagine a 3 floor townhouse (basement, main floor, top floor). Often the modem/router is in the basement providing internet access to the basement and main floor. The top floor however might have a slow connection. If you put a mesh system on the top floor this will ping from your modem/router in the basement. As you walk from your basement to your top floor, your device will automatically connect to the mesh system since it is the closest device providing wi-fi.

Does everyone need a wi-fi mesh system?

While mesh systems can be greatly beneficial to home owners and consumers, not everyone might need one for their particular needs. If you live in an apartment or condo you might not need a mesh system. Most times your internet provider will provide a modem/router. If you live in a smaller home this is usually enough to cover the space. If you find it is still not enough a single mesh system booster could help.

Network switch and CAT6 cable

Still Having Problems Even With a Mesh System?

Why is my internet still slow even with a mesh system?

For some homes or consumers who need a strong internet connection a wi-fi mesh system might not be able to cut it. Mesh systems are a great way to get internet connection to areas that might not have any but often this internet connection is slow. If you have high internet demands like working from home or multiple devices, a mesh system might not be right for you. We find a mesh system works well if you have low internet demands and do not require fast speeds.

Can this problem be fixed?

Yes, thankfully this problem can be fixed to create a better wi-fi connection. We always recommend talking to a professional to get the best expert advice for your particular problem. Upgrading to a wired access point system will always provide the best possible wi-fi connection in the areas you require. This system utilizes the newest technology and wired connection to ensure you have the best internet.

Wired Internet Connection

A wired connection will always provide the most stable and reliable internet connection for your devices. A wired connection ensures you have a direct access line to the network, ensuring optimal speeds. Wherever possible we recommend using a hardwired connection for your high demand devices. If you are working from home a hardwired connection is a must to ensure the most reliable internet connection.

Our top three solutions

  1. Contact a network/wi-fi specialist
  2. Upgrade to a wired access point system
  3. Upgrade to a better mesh system or add additional mesh devices

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