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Wi-Fi Boosting in Hamilton, Burlington and the Niagara region.

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If you have a large home/ property and cannot seem to get stable wi-fi throughout your entire home then we have a solution for you! You do not need to change your internet plan or pay any more a month for this solution.

We come in and help complete a one time service that expands the wi-fi network of your home! This will expand your home wi-fi network and its reach with enterprise quality equipment.

This equipment is much higher grade than the normal boosters or solutions companies like Bell or Cogeco will offer.

Slow Wi-Fi Problem Areas? 

If you are paying for good reliable wi-fi speeds but feel you are always struggling with strength and speeds we can help.

It can be annoying paying high prices for wi-fi speeds but still get stuck loading a video.

Nothing is worse on movie night with the family waiting for the movie to buffer or drop down in quality!

Problems we can fix:

  • Wi-fi signals not reaching areas of home
  • Wi-fi signals not reaching workshop on property
  • Weak wi-fi in backyard or on patio
  • Wi-fi signal not reaching all tenants in rental property
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How it works

We have a discussion with you to determine the problem with your wi-fi and if we can help. To properly understand your wi-fi issues we need to come visit your home to understand the space. We schedule a time that works with your schedule to come and provide a free quote for the project. 

Once we have determined the slow/ dead zones in your home we have a discussion with you to determine any other areas we may have missed. After coming on site we then issue your free quote to solve your wi-fi problem. 

Contact us today

If you are interested in getting your wi-fi problems fixed then please give us a call! We would be happy to discuss your wi-fi problems and if we can fix them.

All consultations and quotes are free.

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