Professional Soundbar Installation in the Niagara & Hamilton Region

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Rid yourself of the hassle involved in setting up a new sound system.

Our experienced team can reliably set up your new audio soundbar fast, and we can even mount it on a wall wherever you think looks best!

Soundbar Installation

If you've been living with a crummy home audio system for years or don't have one, it's time to upgrade!

Soundbar Mounting

Reclaim your floor space by mounting your soundbar and speakers to the wall with our professional services!

close up of speakers on a soundbar installation

Why customers choose Display Your Way:

Complete Entertainment Setup

We provide a variety of services beyond soundbar installation, such as tv mounting, wire concealment, shelf mounting, and more!

1 Year No-Fall Warranty

We are so confident in our systemized process and equipment that every Soundbar installation is covered under our one year no fall warranty!

Quick, Next-Day Service

Don't put it off any longer than you have to! Our team can work quickly and get your soundbar installed as soon as the next day!

Soundbar Mounting
in 5 Easy Steps


In the first step of the mounting process, we have a placement discussion to determine where the ideal placement for your soundbar would be for optimal sound.


We then take several measurements and use painter's tape to mark where the soundbar will sit on the wall. We confirm you are happy with this placement before any marking or drilling begins.


The installation process begins once the location has been confirmed! Using our precise measurements from before, we securely install the soundbar using our practiced process.


After our technicians have installed the soundbar and connected to your devices, we adjust the soundbar to ensure its level and centre. We ensure everything is working correctly before leaving!


Once we've finished the installation process, you can  sit back and be completely blown away at the difference a proper sound system can make. You can listen with peace of mind knowing it was installed by professionals and that you have our guarantee it won't fall for the first year, or we'll replace it!

We offer more than just Soundbar Installations...

Shelf & Stand Mounting

Professionally hang shelves, or tv stands to further elevate the look and feel of your entertainment area.

Hire the professionals at Display Your Way to make soundbar installation effortless!

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*All installations backed by our one year no fall warranty so you can enjoy with peace of mind