Which is faster WiFi or Ethernet?

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Which is Faster Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

We commonly get asked by our clients, "Which is faster, Wi-Fi or Ethernet?".  While both have advantages and disadvantages the best connection will always be with a hardwired ethernet connection. Wi-Fi will always provide the most convenient and easy to use system but the trade off is speed and reliability. We discuss in depth the difference between Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet and which may best for your specific needs.

Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that allows devices to connect to a network without the need for physical cables. This is extremely convenient and used by the majority of people world wide to connect to the internet. Wi-Fi is convenient because it allows users to connect to a network from anywhere within range of the wireless signal, without the need for cumbersome cables.

A direct ethernet connection is a wired networking technology that uses physical cables to connect devices to a network. Ethernet cables are typically made of twisted pair copper wires and use a standard connector known as an RJ45. The most common types of twisted pair ethernet cable are CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6. A hardwired ethernet connection is fast and reliable because it provides a dedicated, wired connection between devices and the network.

Which is Faster, WiFi or Ethernet?

When it comes to speed, ethernet is generally faster than Wi-Fi. This is because a direct ethernet connection provides a dedicated, wired connection between devices and the network. Wi-Fi relies on wireless signals that can be affected by interference and distance from the wireless point. If you are far away from the point or have many walls or obstructions in the way the wireless signal will be disrupted. 

Depending on which kind of ethernet cable you use to get a direct connection to your network you could achieve a connection of up to 10 Gbps. We recommend running CAT6 cabling to achieve these types of desired speeds. While a high end Wi-Fi 6 router can provide high speeds it will struggle to provide these speeds unless you are directly beside the device. Once walls, devices or other obstructions are placed between you and the router, the speeds will suffer.

In summary, a direct ethernet connection is almost always faster than Wi-Fi because it provides a dedicated, wired connection between devices and the network. However, the actual speed of Wi-Fi can vary depending on factors such as the modem/router being used, the internet package from your internet service provider, and the number of devices connected to the network.

Which is More Reliable?

Any sort of hardwired ethernet connection will always be a more reliable option for several reasons. One of the biggest advantages of ethernet over Wi-Fi is that it provides a dedicated, wired connection between devices and your network. With a hardwired ethernet connection there is no need to worry about signal interference, unlike Wi-Fi. The physical ethernet cable such as CAT5e or CAT6 provides a direct and reliable connection between devices and the network.

Another advantage of running hardwired ethernet connections for your network is achieving a consistent and predictable network performance. Ethernet cables are a dedicated highway capable of transmitting data at high speeds. Consistency in performance is especially important for working from home, online gaming or video conferencing.

In contrast, Wi-Fi relies on wireless signals that can be affected by interference, distance and physical objects. Wi-Fi signals need to pass through physical obstacles such as walls, metal objects, and other electronic devices. These physical devices can weaken the signal which can result in slower speeds, dropped connections and a less reliable network overall.

In summary, hardwired ethernet is considered a more reliable option than Wi-Fi because it provides a dedicated, hardwired connection to the network. Wi-Fi is the most convenient option but does not offer the most reliable connection.

Which is Best For You?

The question of which is faster: Wi-Fi or a hardwired ethernet connection can be simply answered: a hardwired connection 99% of the time will be a faster, more reliable connection. Alternatively setting up a Wi-Fi network is fast and easy to deploy where running a full network of ethernet wires can be complex, time consuming and costly. Your internet needs will ultimately determine which type of connection you will require. If you have serious internet requirements with minimal down time then a hardwired connection is the way to go.

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