Why Is My Internet Slower than the Plan I Pay for?

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Why Is My Internet Slower than the Plan I Pay for?

Wi-Fi Dead Zones

We have all been there before, you are paying for a great internet plan but get stuck loading a video or drop an important Zoom call! How frustrating! With internet plans getting more and more expensive it can be annoying as a consumer when you are not getting the wi-fi and internet you expect.

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Internet problems while working are always frustrating!

What causes them?

Wi-Fi slow and dead zones are happening in almost every home in North America. Consumers everywhere are experiencing this problem as their wi-fi demands increase daily. Most times what we used to use for our wi-fi connections 5-10 years ago will no longer cut it for today's high speed demands. More and more people have growing demands from their internet. With people working from home, streaming content on multiple devices, gaming, and so much more consumers need the best internet possible. 

What areas are commonly affected?

We often see our clients' basements or top floors of their homes have wi-fi slow or dead zones. Most times backyards, sheds, garages and other outdoor areas on a property have little to no wi-fi coverage. This can often be frustrating when you need to use the wi-fi but do not get the proper stability or speeds.

Can wi-fi dead zones be fixed?

Yes, they can luckily be fixed. The first step is acknowledging you do have the wi-fi slow or dead zone. Once the area is identified steps can be taken to fix this problem. 

Some wi-fi mesh systems are enough to fix the problem but oftentimes these are just a band aid solution for the problem you have. What this means is that it could potentially fix your problem but would not keep it fixed for long.

Since our devices have a growing demand for wi-fi, the mesh systems will not provide a stable connection into the future.

Some solutions are:

  • Hiring a networking/ wi-fi professional
  • Wi-Fi mesh network
  • Running network cabling wiring
  • Wi-Fi access points

Hardware Problems

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Internet provider provided devices

The hardware that you have provided to you from your internet provider could be subpar for your current internet needs. Oftentimes we see clients using hardware that was provided to them more than 6 years ago! 

Think about how fast technology and wi-fi progresses. If you are using an outdated modem/router from your internet provider then this could be your problem! Older modems/routers will not be able to keep up with today's speeds and demands. 

Can the provided hardware be upgraded?

Yes, your provided hardware can usually be upgraded with a quick call to your internet provider. Oftentimes you might need to upgrade your internet plan to get the newer, faster device. This might be discouraging but we always recommend using the newest modem/router to ensure you have the best internet speeds and connections.

What if my provided hardware cannot be upgraded?

Do not worry, if you make a call to your internet provider and your hardware cannot be upgraded there are still solutions to try! We recommend trying a wi-fi mesh system or wi-fi access point system. This can significantly increase your internet speeds around your home. 

If you have tried this and still cannot get the speeds you need we recommend contacting a networking/ wi-fi specialist.

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