Why Wire up my House When Most of my Devices are Wireless?

iPhone but needs a stronger wi-fi signal

Why Wire up my House When Most of my Devices are Wireless?

Almost daily we are adding more and more wireless devices to our homes. Getting a stable connection on these devices is not always the easiest thing to do. Wi-fi problems and solutions can be tricky and are usually only understood by technical wizards. We try to simplify how to get a better internet connection for your devices.

How Does a Wired Connection Help a Wireless Device?

Most devices that are wi-fi connected can also connect with a wired connection. Devices such as smart TV’s, laptops, desktop computers, gaming consoles and more can take advantage of a wired connection. You will always get a more stable and secure connection with a hard wired connection. Wherever possible take advantage of a more stable connection by plugging your devices directly into your internet network.

While some devices can utilize the strength of a wired connection, sometimes a device will not be able to use a wired connection. Some examples of devices that cannot plug in with a hard wired connection: 

  • iPhone
  • Android phone
  • Smart doorbells
  • Smart watches
  • Many more

What if my device cannot plug in with a wired connection?

Do not worry if your device cannot be plugged in with a wired connection. Running network cable lines around your home can still provide a huge benefit to your wireless devices. Access points can be installed into the hard wired connection throughout your home. These access points will be able to connect your wireless devices into your wi-fi network.

Network switch providing a stable hard wired internet connection
Network switch providing a stable hard wired internet connection.

Hard Wired Access Points

What is an access point? 

An access point is an advanced piece of wi-fi equipment that works with your existing network to provide a larger wi-fi connection area. These access points plug in to the hard wired network and utilize the speeds and stability of the hard wired network cables. The access point after receiving the stable connection then outputs a strong wifi connection and signal.

How can this solve your wi-fi problems?

If done correctly this will solve the connection problem for your wireless devices. You must pin point the slow or dead wi-fi zones for your wireless devices. Once this is found ethernet network cable must be run to the location. We recommend using CAT6 cable. After the cable is run the access point can then be plugged into the network and provide a stable connection in the previously slow area. 

Always use a minimum of CAT6 ethernet cables

When running new ethernet cables or network cables we recommend using a minimum of CAT6 cable. CAT5e cable can take advantage of most internet speeds today but will slowly not be able to support speeds as we progress into the future. Since CAT6 can support 10 Gbps this will future proof your internet speeds. If you are spending the money and time to get cable run it is best to future proof your internet network.

Local Network Cabling Professionals

Help running network cables

Running network cabling is not an easy task, especially if you want it done neatly with no cables showing running around your home. If you are unsure how to go about installing network cables or access points it is best to consult an expert. Our experts have vast experience and knowledge running ethernet cables.

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